Episode I: Deserters
No one leaves the service


Lucius approached the party to help to hunt down a tent of men who had deserted from the army and taken to banditry in the hills around Dubris. He did not want to use the regular troops to hunt them down in order to keep this problem low profile.

He offered up the use of the armoury and military supplies for the mission as well as the last know sighting of the men.

After a few days of tracking through the hills the men are discovered holding up in an abandoned mining encampment.

Hide out

Using stealth several of the sentry guards were able to taken down before the alarm was raised. During the fighting on the ground a small green goblin was raining crossbow bolts down from the roof.

All but one of the men was overwhelmed during the fighting, under questioning the prisoner revealed very little information. He spoke of the tent belonging to a stronger brotherhood than the army, that like minded brothers existed at many levels of the military and that the party were choosing the wrong side of the upcoming battles. Before he could be stopped he committed suicide using a hidden poison vial.

With the men defeated the main structure could be investigated. Upon entering the building the party were attacked by Lambert and Finneus Graybairn, two Halfling thieves and the leaders of the bandits, with their pet striges. Lambert and the stirges were killed but Finneus escaped and fled into the hills.

Hidden Chambers
The Graybairn brothers were using the bottom of the abandoned mine shaft as a campsite and store for their stolen goods. On investigation it was clear that the room was layout with three inhabitants in mind, also a secret passageway was build into one of the worlds.

The secret passageway lead to four chambers, each designed to view a central shaft. Floating in mid air in the shaft were a tome, map and wand. Upon activating three devices in the viewing rooms a hatchway in the fourth opened to allow access to the items.

Within the fourth room was also a suit of armour held in a golden cage close to the ceiling.
The mechanism to lower the cage and the key to open the cage were each guarded by a metal Golem. Each of these golems were inert and held in place by a thin silver chain. Removal of the silver chains, key or use of the lever activated the golems. After retrieving the armour it was clear that the party could not defeat the golems and so retreated to the surface. While in pursuit the two golems merged into a single entity and brought the mine structure and tunnels crashing down on top of them.

Clear of the rubble the party were able to make their way back to Dubris. However on the way Moseley Graybairn, his general and pet wolf ambushed the party. With all three defeated the party we able to return all of the insignia from the deserters to Lucius for their reward. However they shared no knowledge of what they had found or the secret chambers.

Back at the rubble…….
As night falls on the ruined smoking remains of the mining build the ground begins to shake. From amongst the debris the massive hand of a golem punches towards the sky.



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